Fish monger for a modern world

Fish Monger for a Modern World

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Hingeline is equal parts Broker and Agency good at telling fish stories.

first, We're excellent at picking world-class suppliers of diverse North Atlantic Seafood with great stories to tell. 

We pool together these premium offerings and curate them as custom menus & promotion for brands seeking modern consumer engagement.

We sell only premium Northeast seafoods with backstory describing the unique lore of the region and its natives.  We've orchestrated a portfolio of who-is-who in regional suppliers into a range of turn-key supply solutions and bespoke storytelling.  We then customize these offerings into menus and campaigns promoting the integrity & provenance of our products to both a nostalgic crowd, and an increasingly more health conscious audience.  

How we serve...

For brands wanting to reach modern consumers, Hingeline sources world-class foods that engage:

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A seachange is taking place with consumer’s interest in their food. Stagnant supply chains based on price alone can’t keep pace, and have quickly become obsolete in favor of those built to promote product backstory and nuance.

Hingeline offers a modern value chain and curates supply into custom menu offerings with the following benefits to buyers:

  1. World-class food!

  2. Supply chain transparency & traceability

  3. Product integrity protecting a brand's reputational risk tied to sourcing claims

  4. Insurance policy alleviating concerns with product fraud rampant in global seafood

  5. Authentic stories with resonance of People, Place & Product  

  6. Aggregated and on-going feeds of new information from vetted producers

  7. A channel for product differentiation to promote brand awareness and allegiance

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The Clean cold waters of the North Atlantic provide some of the best food in the world.  Our well regarded fisherman and ocean farmers who manage these waters deserve to be celebrated for their craft and unique stewardship of these natural resources.  

Hingeline offers our hand selected suppliers of world renowned seafood the following services:

  1. Unparalleled provenance backing their products, communities & hard work

  2. Product differentiation, even for the undervalued commodity good

  3. Preservation of diverse crop values throughout supply chain

  4. Reduced risk of commodity bubbles

  5. New Market Access; New Industry Beachheads; New Product Recognition

  6. Leadership status in the modern food system often reserved only for top chefs

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For any of us who’ve spent time in the Northeast, we’ve developed a strange but strong affinity for the region. A type of brethren earned equally from cold winter mornings and rainy spring days - to that of a perfect summer evening, or crisp fall afternoon. The beauty of our natural environment  yearns for a lifetime.  Certain things have a knack of spurring those memories - food being at the top of the list.

Fresh, delicious seafood synonymous with the coastal communities of the North Atlantic is an experience more should enjoy and celebrate together. As more of us become aware to how healthy and clean this food is, we see it as a chance to cast new memories, more often.  Hingeline delivers supply of that top quality seafood from the best waters in the world to those seeking to reflect on some of the best times of your life, or those seeking a great experience, or those looking for ways to eat better, get healthier and have less impact.


People, Place, Product

Folks young and old now care more about their food and the impact it has. From personal to environmental health, fuel to maximize wellbeing or fitness, or an avenue to cuisine and culture, consumers need to know more about the values of seafood from the clean, cold waters of the Northeast. We use advanced traceability technologies to validate everything, and play-up what makes seafood from our region so unique.  It's approachable world-class food for a hungry audience.