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North Atlantic Waters

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Turn key Supply with Stories

Hingeline sells only premium seafood - and with it - the stories that detail the unique lore of the region.  We've challenged ourselves to communicate with an increasingly aware audience interested in healthy food with provenance & integrity. That's a macro trend needing  different vision.  We’re effectively an agency that specializes in telling emotionally powerful stories about exceptional food and people of the Northeast.  All of this delicious superfood gets tightly interwined with the uncompromising backstory of every offering from our prestigious seas. This is celebration food; this is tasty health food; and this is prime appeal to a New England Nation wherever they decide to stake their current flag - at home - or while traveling.

Above: Examples of some of our supplier stories with original text and images.

Our relationship with Buyers is critical to our supply chain philosophy and is based on the following principles...

The best suppliers

We've suss out only the best suppliers to source our premium seafood.

Diverse offerings

We’ve pooled this talented bunch of producers & suppliers into an array of diverse offerings for a modern menu.

custom menus

Hingeline curates custom menu offerings steeped in points of engagement for a more scrupulous and health conscious modern consumer. Fans of New England Nation too.

rich story-telling

Our clients have access to beautifully produced media and rich content through a custom portfolio built for traditional market outreach and inbound channels alike.  With every supplier our customers select on their menu of the North Atlantic, we guarantee world-class seafood with interesting backstory.


Technology provides a foundation for proving supply chain integrity.   It’s our approach to overlay this advanced tech with the stories that describe and relate us to the unique People, Places & Products of  North Atlantic seafood.

Knowledge System

Our learning center provides access to volumes of information and teachings.  Most of the instructional material is designed for the teams of our clients, but our awareness campaigns are designed to capture the interest of an industry and a modern consumer.  From re-packaging and preservation -to-  proper preparation -to- reasons to promote the values of this world-class seafood, our multimedia portfolios are customized to all offerings in each custom menu in effort to maximize bang for the buck,  and reduce the expense of wasted food & time.  

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We do the homework to connect you with a modern consumer.