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Supply chain integrity

Hingeline represents world-class suppliers from the Northeast Atlantic.  Intertwined in the communities they serve, our founders pick amazing folks who provide the consistent quality in needed volumes & diversity to service any of our buyers - no matter size - nor location.  We amplify the region by celebrating what connects us all - these clean, cold waters. We get to choose the best-of-the-best and then curate, parse and promote the hard work of these suppliers to new global & domestic audiences.  We aggregate the choice offerings for easier access, in new markets, and sometimes focused through a different lens.

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Above: Examples of some of our supplier stories used for buyer social media and outreach.

For the hundreds of millions who’ve ever visited or lived on the New England coast it’s more than just a delicious superfood. Our seafood is a taste of cultural nostalgia. And, truly excellent seafood is an experience we should all enjoy more often. We’re excited by the prospects of pooling together the best-of-the-best of Northeast suppliers to deliver an authentic experience.  
As a result, our relationship and collaboration with suppliers is designed to benefit the producer, the buyer and consumer.

People & Place

We amplify the integrity and commitment to the craft.  It’s the culture of suppliers, and their place that’s cornerstone to this great value chain.  
Read some of our stories.

Increase Demand

We aspire to increase the demand for differentiated products.  We seek to amplify the integrity of everything we source coming from the clean, cold waters of the North Atlantic.  The Northeast's sustainable seafood offerings are a powerhouse; it's time we start treating it as such.

Unique StoryTelling

We offer our affiliated Suppliers access to top-tier agency work, with domain expertise.  Our content creation and media rival the qualities of anyone in food, never-mind seafood.  Our portfolio of original content and aggregated ongoing outreach for all of our suppliers creates value for our buyers interested in deeper and legitimate connection to supply.

Fresh Content for buyers

We index and pool recurring interactions with and by our suppliers.  We gobble up all fresh marketing materials and our knowledge system delivers to our buyers an up-to-date portfolio of each supplier they source with.  Fresh content available over the entire social graph, and templatized for all outbound marketing - all backed by world class food.

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World-class food meets world-class storytelling.


SOME OF OUr Select Suppliers

Island Creek Oysters, Duxbury, MA

Gloucester Fresh, Gloucester, MA

Calendar Island Lobsters, Portland ME

Ocean Approved Seagreens, Saco, ME

Are you a producer of best-in-class seafood from the northeast? Hingeline is always on the lookout for the stars of northeast seafood production to add to our network of suppliers. Please contact us so we can learn more about your products and your story.